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Prune Juice


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Product Description

100% organic
100% natural
Traditionally used to help support healthy digestion
Suitable for vegans
Gluten free
Not from concentrate

Are all Biotta juices organic?

Yes, all the Biotta juices are Swiss organic, EU organic as well as USDA approved organic.

Biotta’s juices are never from concentrate, what does this mean?

Juices made from concentrate have water extracted from the fruit or vegetable to produce a fruit/vegetable concentrate. This concentrate is easier to transport, and can be stored for longer, as its high fructose content acts as a preservative. When it reaches its destination, the concentrate is then diluted with water and bottled as juice. This has little in common with pressed juice because valuable nutrients (and sometimes even the aroma!) can easily be lost during this process. As a result of this, Biotta does not use concentrates and only offers premium freshly pressed juices as opposed to reconstituted concentrates.

Biotta Prune juice is made with 36% organic prune juice, 35% organic prune puree, organic grape juice, organic apricot puree, organic aronia juice and organic lemon juice.

Use in pregnancy, breastfeeding and for children
Biotta juices are safe to use in pregnancy, whilst breastfeeding and as part of healthy diet and lifestyle for children.

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