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Pernaton Gel Warming Gel


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Product Description

Pernaton Warming Gel is designed to increase skin circulation, relieve tension and regenerate muscles while spreading a long-lasting and pleasant feeling of warmth on the skin.

Whether you’re warming up for a gym class, or riding your cycle route, Pernaton Warming Gel helps you to take back control in your life with long-lasting ache relief.

Contains 100% natural Perna Extract from New Zealand’s Green-lipped Mussel (with a unique cold extraction process)
Provides a comfortable heat sensation on the skin from Cayenne Pepper Extract
High content of Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and Chondroitin
Rub into the appropriate areas such as neck, back, legs and shoulders several times a day or as required until absorbed. Application diffuses an intense, long-lasting and comfortable heat sensation that also creates a pleasant aroma.

For external application only. Avoid contact with eyes or broken skin. Do not use underneath air-tight compresses. Not suitable for children under three years old. Not suitable for people with an allergy to shellfish.

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