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Gold Collagen Multidose Pure


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Product Description

Every spoonful boasts the ultimate anti-ageing skincare expertise inside!

A daily dose of goodness for your skin, hair, and nails, boosted mood and energy! That’s not all, this big bottle is kind to your wallet and the planet too! Powered by powerhouse nutrients, bottled up in one easy to use bottle, perfect for your summer get-away!

It’s your chance to try the UK No. 1 collagen since 2011! No Silver Spoon needed! Tighten your skin, not your belt and try Multidose today!

One bottle = 20 spoonfuls of goodness for your skin, hair and nails!
Enjoy a tasty and unique combination of collagen peptides and active ingredients all in a big bottle! Choose from a 20 or 60 day supply. Our 60 day supply (3 big bottles) is the even better value and greatest savings plus the longer supply helps you feel and see even greater results! Backed by our advanced patented European NUTRIGLOW® Complex and 2 published clinical trials, MULTIDOSE encapsulates our signature nutrients for your Skin, Hair and Nail health. Tastes good, does good!

Expect only clinically proven, visible results in as little as 3 weeks!
We are committed to delivering innovative products that truly improve the health and beauty of skin. We collaborate with renowned universities, dermatologists, aesthetic medicine, and skin specialists in the development of our products to ensure the highest efficacy and performance. We choose only the highest quality ingredients scientifically proven to work because we want you to see results.

Boost the best collagen! YOURS! Start within and get ready to feel GOOD on the inside and look GREAT on the outside!
Did you know after the age of 25, we lose up to 1.5% of collagen every year? With a clinically proven and patented formula, Multidose has been specifically developed for women over 25, to provide all the nutrients they need to nourish their skin from within and maintain their healthy glow. Take control of your skin ageing. Start early and fight the early signs of ageing, from the inside out!

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