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Gold Collagen Multidose Pure 40+


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Product Description

A BIG bottle for Skin, Hair and Nails now for women over 40.

With all the regular benefits from your favourite Skin, Hair and Nails supplement, but now boosted! Its formulation with powerful antioxidants and Vitamin D help to fight against the signs of ageing. Not only kind to your skin but kind to your wallet and the planet too.

One bottle = 20 spoonfuls of goodness to fight the signs of ageing

GOLD COLLAGEN® MULTIDOSE 40+ is fortified to not only support skin, hair and nail health for women over 40 but to provide more antioxidant properties and bone and immunity support. Each spoonful of goodness contains 15 active ingredients including our advanced European patented NUTRIGLOW® Complex with Vitamin D, Grape Leaf Extract, Lycopene and Co-Enzyme Q10, vitamins and minerals.

No time to waste!

Press pause on ageing with this supersized, enriched formula! For men and women over 40, who want to give their anti-ageing routine a little extra boost at a great value. Discover Multidose 40+

What's inside?
Our scientists and nutritionists expertly formulated a unique combination of 15 powerful active nutrients that includes our advanced European patented NUTRIGLOW® Complex. Every supersized glass bottle packs a punch enriched with Vitamin D, Grape Leaf Extract and other antioxidants as your daily anti-ageing drink. What is it free from? We formulate our powerful drinks for maximum absorption and availability. However, we carefully handpick our ingredients and only use what meets our high standards of quality and efficacy. Nothing more, nothing less.

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