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Burdock Root (organic)



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Product Description

Botanical Name: Arctium lappa

Plant Family: Asteraceae (Compositae)

Botanical Description:
Burdock, scientifically known as Arctium lappa, is a biennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. It is also commonly known as greater burdock or gobo. Native to Europe and Asia, burdock has naturalized in many regions around the world and is often found in waste areas, meadows, and along roadsides. Burdock grows up to 1-2 meters in height and features large, heart-shaped leaves with woolly undersides and robust, branching stems. In the first year of growth, burdock produces a basal rosette of leaves, while in the second year, it produces tall flowering stalks topped with purple or pink thistle-like flower heads. The flower heads give way to burrs, which contain numerous hooked bracts that cling to clothing and animal fur, aiding in seed dispersal. The root of the burdock plant is thick, fleshy, and deep-reaching, often growing up to 1 meter in length.

Burdock has a rich history of use in traditional herbal medicine systems, particularly in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, and Western herbalism. Burdock has been used historically to support liver health, promote detoxification, purify the blood, and alleviate skin conditions.

Burdock Root Tea: Prepare burdock root tea by simmering dried burdock root slices in water for 10-15 minutes. Strain the tea and drink as needed. Burdock root tea can be consumed hot or cold and may be sweetened with honey or lemon, if desired.
Burdock Root Tincture: Burdock root tincture is made by macerating dried burdock root in alcohol or glycerine to extract its medicinal properties. The tincture is then strained and diluted with water before consumption. Burdock root tincture can be taken orally.
Burdock Root Capsules: Burdock root capsules are a convenient way to consume burdock as a dietary supplement. The dried root is powdered and encapsulated for easy ingestion.

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