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Product Description

Bromelain Capsules contain Bromelain which is one of a group of proteolytic enzymes, derived from the exotic pineapple fruit. Bromelain is a powerful digestive aid which is effective throughout the digestive system not only in the presence of stomach acid but also in the alkaline environment of the intestines. The activity of Bromelain is measured in GDUs (Gelatin Digesting Units); it is a measure of proteolytic (protein digesting) activity. HealthAid Bromelain powder contains 1200 GDU’s per capsule: one GDU is the amount of enzyme that will liberate after 20 minutes of digestion. HealthAid provides Bromelain Capsules that are of high quality with sufficient amount of enzyme for good health and well-being.

What Are Bromelain Capsules For?
It may serve as an effective digestive aid
It is believed to aid the absorption and utilization of antibiotics
It may aid in the absorption of Glucosamine

** Free from Yeast, Gluten, Wheat, Soya, Dairy, Sugar & Salt
** Free from Artificial Colours, Preservatives & Flavourings

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