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As a provider of natural remedies for over 90 years, we have witnessed many people benefit from complementary and holistic practices. Separate to our store we offer 1-2-1 Herbal Medicine consultations with our qualified Medical Herbalist. We also work with other qualified practitioners in complementary healthcare including Nutritionists, Psychodynamic Therapists, Personal Trainers, Aromatherapists and Acupuncturists. Our multidisciplinary clinics are primarily focused on Herbal Medicine with face-to-face appointments available in South Yorkshire and North London. Remote 1-2-1 consultations are also available online for those unable to travel to our clinics or for those living abroad.

As part of our herbal clinic dispensary, we offer a variety of dried herbs, capsules and tinctures as well as personalised teas, body care and individual herbal prescriptions. Clinical herbalism is one of our passions at The Herbalists.

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Natural Medicine Clinic

Suppose you are looking for a herbal clinic near you that can supply the widest variety of herbs and natural remedies to support your health. In that case, The Herbalists have served customers in the Yorkshire area and around the UK for 90 years. Browse our wide selection of herbal remedies today.

Are you not sure where to begin on your journey and are looking for a more personalised approach? If you are looking for a 1-2-1 appointment with our Medical Herbalist you can make an enquiry today by filling out a form below.

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