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Meet The Team

Lydia Mantella

Medical Herbalist & Director

Lydia is a qualified medical herbalist and registered member of The National Institute for Medical Herbalists (NIMH). After working across the creative and natural health industries in London for many years Lydia returned to Yorkshire to regenerate her hometown’s local herbalist practice and health food store; she is thrilled to be part of maintaining this valuable corner of herbal history. She currently sees patients 1-2-1 at a multidisciplinary practice in both Yorkshire and London and has written for several publications on the topic of natural health and organic gardening.

Lydia is a keen advocate of organic gardening and has been an expert guest speaker at various events including Gardener’s World. She runs the popular Instagram page @yourorganicpt in her spare time.

Fun Fact: She is a keen poet and bibliophile with a large collection of antique books.

Favourite Plant: Rose (Rosa damascena)

Erdal Mehmet

Nutritional Consultant

Erdal is a practising Nutritional therapist based in London, registered with BANT, CNHC & ANP. He is CEO of Magnacares Ltd which specialises in UK-Manufactured PEMF therapy devices as well as offering complementary nutritional treatment to a wide array of patients nationwide.

Erdal specialises in individual organic food programmes and is a keen advocate for adopting a healthy and nutritional lifestyle so that we can look and feel vibrant.

Fun Fact: He is an expert and black belt martial artist and keen Yogi.

Favourite Plant: Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)

Arman Mantella

Managing Director

Arman is an entrepreneur and natural health advocate. For many years Arman had a successful international career in the film and TV industry before investing in Jackson’s – The Herbalists and other ventures. With a particular passion for herbal medicine Arman decided to work and study alongside Jackson’s previous owners for five years in order to gain a comprehensive knowledge of herbalism, the supplement industry and our company’s ethos.

Arman is an active forager and keen user of medicinal mushrooms which he enjoys collecting in North Yorkshire accompanied by his cockapoo, Albus.

Fun Fact: In his spare time Arman enjoys boxing and taking trips across the countryside on his motorbike.

Favourite Plant: Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

Antonia Georgiou

Researcher + Marketing

Antonia is an avid Classicist who completed her degree in Classics (with Latin and Ancient Greek) at UCL in London before returning to her home county of Yorkshire. She is a passionate researcher and translator of ancient texts with a particular interest in Greek and Roman mythology.

Antonia is a huge asset to the team when it comes to delving into the traditional uses of herbal medicines and when investigating botanical references. She curates new ideas for blog posts and products while ensuring we remain up to date with modern research and simultaneously maintaining botanical links to our herbal ancestors.

Fun Fact: In her spare time Antonia is a keen painter and mixed-media artist taking her inspiration from the botanical and the ancient world.

Favourite Plant: Ginkgo Biloba

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